Canton Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) provides over 800 boys & girls between the ages of 5 through 14 an opportunity to play organized soccer every spring and fall in the town of Canton.

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MTOC Information


MTOC wildcards are established at a spring Leagues Committee Meeting.  Until then, very little planninig can be done,  The Leagues Committee establishes the dates for MTOC, usually the last weekend in June.

BAYS playoffs will start on Monday June 20, 2022 (est) with any tiebreakers needing resolution having games on Sunday June 19th. Teams should be prepared to play during that week with the final games to be held on or before Saturday June 25 (unless a rainy playoff week).  Games will only be moved for the most exceptional circumstances. MTOC is estimated to start on Friday June 24th with semi-finals and finals on Sunday June 26.  This will be confirmed by the Leagues Committee in the Spring of 2022.

About MTOC

The Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC) is a season-ending tournament sponsored by Mass Youth Soccer that brings together age/gender group champions from participating travel leagues. Each of these leagues establish their own guidelines, including league playoffs, to determine their representatives to this tournament. The leagues that participate in MTOC are:

  • Berkshire
  • BAYS
  • Coastal
  • Essex
  • MAYS
  • Middlesex
  • Nashoba
  • Roots
  • South Coast 
  • South Shore

The Age Brackets are:

  • Grade 6 Div 1 (9v9 no heading)
  • Grade 6 Div 2 (9v9 no heading)
  • Grade 8 Div 1
  • Grade 8 Div 2
  • Grade 11 Div 1
  • Grade 11 Div 2
  • Grade 12(includes PG) Div 1

Each gender has the same age groups.  Most age groups are broken into 3 flights of 4 teams (there are wildcards awarded to fill out the brackets).  Teams play a 3 game round robin with the winner of each flight and a wildcard with the best record among non-winners advance to the semi-finals.  In some cases it may be 2 flights of 4 teams or two flights of 5 teams.  In those cases the top 2 move to the semi-finals.

Presidents' Cup Info


One of the highlights of the BAYS spring soccer season is the BAYS Presidents' Cup Tournament. This year we are happy to open up the tournament to even more teams, including all of our Division 3 and Division 4 teams for Grades 5-8. For Grade 5 there is also a competition for Division 1 and Division 2 teams:

Grades 6 & 8 Divisions 3 & 4

Grade 5 Divisions 2, 3, & 4

Grade 5 Boys Division 1 - The top 2 teams in each D1 section automatically qualify for semifinal matches with the winners playing in the Championship game. No additional team registration required.

Grade 5 Girls Division 1 - The top 2 teams in the single D1 section automatically qualify through to a finals rematch Championship game. No additional team registration required.

All Championship games are scheduled for Saturday, June 18, 2022 Wheelock Field, Medfield MA

BAYS awards a Presidents’ Cup bowl to each Champion's team coach and a special commemorative to all of the players in the finals (Champions and Finalists).

Presidents' Cup Overview:

  • The Cup competition is played in addition to the regular season schedule.
  • Initial pairings are determined by BAYS, with byes added to each bracket as needed to round out 16-team or 32-team fields.
  • Based on registration numbers, the BAYS Placement Committee will either create a division 3 bracket and a division 4 bracket or will create two brackets to balance out the level of competitions (i.e. one bracket that includes high and mid division 3 teams and one bracket that consists of low division 3 and division 4 teams. This decision will be based on the number of and strength of teams registered. 
  • The tournament has a single-elimination format.
  • All games are played to a result, including overtime and kicks from the penalty spot if needed. See rules below.
  • The home team (designated by BAYS) must provide a choice of three dates/times within the playing window to the away team, secure a field, and arrange for a certified referee through its town assignor. The town assignor will adjust the time and date of the PC match from the default to match the time and date agreed upon by the coaches. Any issues requiring assistance should be sent by email to  . The final championship match is at a central site with BAYS supplied referees.
  • Each round of games must be completed within the time frame established by BAYS.
  • Coaches should report scores to   within 24 hours after the match. Include: team name, gender, grade, and playing bracket along with the result.
  • Referees are required to submit full game reports. BAYS is responsible for paying referees.

Click here for the playoff brackets and schedule timeframe: 

Presidents' Cup Registration Process:

  • Clubs should determine the interest of their eligible team coaches
    • Confirm with interested coaches about the time commitment
    • Confirm availability of home fields and referees
  • The entry fee is $50 per team. 
  • Club Registrars submit Presidents’ Cup team registrations through the regular BAYS Team Registration process. 
    • No registration is necessary for Grade 5 D1 teams. Qualification is determined by record and is automatic.
    • Club invoices will be generated and sent to Club Treasurers.
  • Team Registration will open for Club Registrars on Monday April 25, 2022 and will close on Monday May 2, 2022 at 12 noon. No late entries accepted.
  • Brackets will be posted by May 5.