Canton Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) provides over 800 boys & girls between the ages of 5 through 14 an opportunity to play organized soccer every spring and fall in the town of Canton.

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Juggling Challenge

CYSA is running a Juggling Challenge starting in the Spring 2014 season for all travel teams.  The goals of the challenge are to increase player touches on the ball outside of practice and create a competitive but friendly competition across CYSA.
Why Promote Juggling?
Ball juggling is an important part of a young soccer player’s development.  Not all good jugglers
are good soccer players, but all good soccer players are good jugglers.  Why practice juggling? 
  • Juggling helps young players develop a touch and feel for the soccer ball.
  • Juggling allows young players to set and achieve goals (personal juggling records) and promotes
    good work habits and determination to reach those goals.
  • Juggling helps young players develop balance, coordination, concentration, and quick reactions.
  • Juggling is an activity that young players can practice almost anywhere on their own (in their
    backyard, at a park, while watching a sibling's soccer game, etc.).
  • All personal bests must be witnessed by a coach at an organized team
    event (practice, game, etc.)
  • Only the foot, thigh, shoulder and head may touch the ball
  • If the ball touches the ground or any other object, you must start over
  • Size balls: U9-U12 Size 4, U14 Size 5
  •  Player may start with ball from hands
  • Top 5 by age group and gender
  • Boys v. Girls by age group (average of all players)
  • Individual competition winners to receive t-shirts at end of season (June 15th/Nov. 15th)
Award Levels
Upon reaching the following levels, players will be issued a gold, silver or bronze tag
  • Gold – 100 juggles
  • Silver – 50 juggles
  • Bronze – 25 juggles
  • All rostered travel players will receive the juggling challenge tag
  • Coaches should email   with all players personal
    bests monthly on the 1st and 15th
  • Punch tools will be shared amongst head coaches
  • Submit scores on the 15th and last day of the month
  • Leaders of all competitions will be posted on website
  • Coaches should punch the achieved level on the juggling challenge tag as achieved