Canton Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) provides over 800 boys & girls between the ages of 5 through 14 an opportunity to play organized soccer every spring and fall in the town of Canton.

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Adobe PDF file Canton_Youth_Soccer___Dribbling___Conditioned_Games *

Adobe PDF file Canton_Youth_Soccer___Dribbling___Warm_Up___Technical *

Adobe PDF file Canton_Youth_Soccer___Passing___Skill_Development *

Adobe PDF file Canton_Youth_Soccer___Passing_Conditioned_Games.pdf *

Adobe PDF file Canton_Youth_Soccer___Passing_Technical *

Adobe PDF file Canton_Youth_Soccer___Shooting_Conditioned_Games *

Adobe PDF file Canton_Youth_Soccer___Skill_Development *

Adobe PDF file Canton_Youth_Soccer___Technical___Shooting *

Adobe PDF file Canton_Youth_Soccer___Technical_Development___Shooting *

Adobe PDF file Coaching Booklet *- Coaching Booklet, Setting Team Values, Rules and Goals

Adobe PDF file Labeled Field *- The document describes the different areas within a soccer pitch.

Adobe PDF file Soccer Terminology *- Terminology For Soccer Spoken and heard by Players, Coaches and Referees

Adobe PDF file CSS COVID Anncmnt *

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