Canton Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) provides over 800 boys & girls between the ages of 5 through 14 an opportunity to play organized soccer every spring and fall in the town of Canton.

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Letter from CYSA President - Spring Update

Dear CYSA Families and Coaches,

As you know, the spring soccer season has been cancelled.  We know this is a disappointment for all of our players, from pre-K all the way through our 8th graders, who are finishing their CYSA career. Hopefully we see many of them on the field at Canton High School next fall.  

The information below should address many of your questions about refunds, sweatshirts, player evaluations, and potential options for soccer later this spring and summer.

CYSA will be refunding player registration fees, minus about 15 percent to cover a portion of the operational costs that the program cannot recover.

· $60 out of $70 will be refunded for all pre-K players,

· $80 out of $95 will be refunded for all Grade K-2 players,

· $110 out of $130 will be refunded for all Grade 3-8 players.  

· 100% of all late fees will be refunded.  

You should see your refund on your credit card over the next couple weeks.

The percentage of registration fees not refunded will cover a portion of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) annual registration fees (insurance) for all players and coaches; credit card transaction fees; and a portion of the overhead, including the cost of advertising for registration, the rental cost of the storage container at Galvin and website management, among other costs. For travel players it also covers the Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) team registration fees that won't be fully refunded to CYSA.

The percentage of registration fees not refunded does not cover all the expenses CYSA has already incurred for this season so we will run a deficit this spring. CYSA is a volunteer organization and our only source of funding is registration fees for the programs we run. 

We recognize the financial impact that COVID-19 has had on families, and that some people have lost jobs or had their work hours reduced. If you are experiencing a financial hardship and would like the entirety of your spring season fee refunded, including the operational costs,  please click UserForm.asp?RegID=282522&org=  Some of you have asked about donating a portion or all of your registration fees to help with financial aid for those families who may need help covering registration fees for the Fall 2020 season.  There will be an option when registration opens for the fall season to make a donation.  CYSA is a 501c3 non-profit organization and any donation will be tax deductible. 

The sweatshirts will be in next week.  In case you don't remember whether you ordered a sweatshirt, all those who did so will receive an email this weekend.  They will be delivered to you. 

Travel Player Evaluations
With the uncertainty of when we can return to the playing fields, evaluations that typically take place in May and June will likely take place at some other time.  We will share more details about the evaluation process and schedule once we know the players can safely return to the fields.

Late Spring / Summer Soccer
We are exploring options for late Spring and Summer programs, which may include clinics or pickup games.  Details will be shared once we know it is safe to start playing again.  Don't forget about our friends at Canton Soccer School.  Their camp has been running for 27 years and is scheduled for August 3-August 7.  Visit them at

Stay safe.

Dave Dempster
CYSA President

A Message from our Friends at Canton Soccer School

Canton Soccer School 2020 

COVID-19 - Camp Statement - April 3rd, 2020 

Click Here to Read Full Statement






CYSA partners with Steel Soccer for professional training and coaching.


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Field Status
CHS Memorial (Turf)11v11 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
Cravens Field 7v7 - Canton TBD (7/5) 
Devoll Field 9v9 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
Galvin In-Town K-2 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
Galvin Middle School Gym - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
Galvin MS (Lower A) 7v7 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
Galvin MS (Lower B) 7v7 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
Galvin MS (Lower) 9v9 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
Galvin MS (Upper) 7v7 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
Galvin MS 11v11 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
Gunning (WW) 11v11 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
Gunning (WW) 7v7 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
Gunning (WW) 9v9 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
JFK 11v11 - Canton OPEN (7/5) 
MA Hospital School 9v9 - Canton TBD (7/5) 
Massasoit 11v11 - Canton TBD (7/5) 
Massasoit 7v7 - Canton TBD (7/5) 
Massasoit 9v9 - Canton TBD (7/5) 
Pequitside (Lower) 9v9 - Canton TBD (7/5) 
Pequitside (Upper) 7v7 - Canton TBD (7/5) 
Reebok - Canton TBD (7/5) 
Reebok (The Block) - Canton TBD (7/5)