Canton Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) provides over 800 boys & girls between the ages of 5 through 14 an opportunity to play organized soccer every spring and fall in the town of Canton.

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 Sat 03/23/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
CHS Memorial (Turf)11v11 1:00p 2:00p  >Travel>LOCAL TRAVEL (Grade 3)> Boys Grade 3 Neymar Practice    CK 
1:00p 2:15p  >Travel>BAYS>Girls> Girls Grade 5 Arsenal Practice    MD 
1:00p 2:15p  >Travel>BAYS>Girls> Girls Grade 4 United Practice  Field 7. Far left corner.  JC 
1:00p 2:15p  >Travel>BAYS>Girls> Girls Grade 6 Breakers Practice    JD 
2:00p 3:00p  >Travel>LOCAL TRAVEL (Grade 3)> Girls Grade 3 Dash Practice    MD 
2:00p 3:00p  >Travel>BAYS>Girls> Girls Grade 5 United Practice  High School Turf-field 8- far right corner of the back end zone  MM 
2:15p 3:30p  >Travel>BAYS>Girls> Girls Grade 7/8 Breakers Practice  Field 5  AA 
3:30p 5:00p  >Travel>BAYS>Girls> Girls Grade 6 United Practice  All- we will be having our first practice this upcoming Saturday  TG 
3:30p 5:00p  >Travel>BAYS>Girls> Girls Grade 7/8 United Practice  pre-season practice  DD 
3:30p 4:30p  >Travel>BAYS>Boys> Boys Grade 5 United Practice  Practice this Saturday at the CHS field at 3:30pm field # 2  CF 
3:30p 5:00p  >Travel>BAYS>Boys> Boys Grade 6 United Practice  Field 6  EE 
4:00p 5:00p  >Travel>BAYS>Boys> Boys Grade 4 Arsenal Practice  Practice This Week - Field #1  JM