Canton Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) provides over 800 boys & girls between the ages of 5 through 14 an opportunity to play organized soccer every spring and fall in the town of Canton.

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Volunteer for Scrimmage Support
by posted 09/25/2020

Hi all, looking forward to another fun day of soccer tomorrow.

Wanted to reach out ahead of tomorrow's game with a quick favor to ask of the parents.  Based on the structure of the league most of the day is very doable with one coach, but it's not really possible to manage both scrimmages at once.  If it's cool with all of you, could I get another parent volunteer each Saturday to help manage the second scrimmage?  As you saw from last Saturday's games, it's only about 15 minutes at the end, and basically just watching herdball and kicking in new balls when needed, so no soccer experience required :)

Totally all good if it's just not something you're into, but, figured I'd reach out so we could maybe line it up in advance and people would know what day they are helping out.

Go team Pink!  Everyone else stinks!  (I can't say that cheer with the kiddos for keeping it positive reasons but this is a safe space right?) ;)



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Let's Go Team Pink! - Reminders for Today's Game
by posted 09/19/2020

Hey everyone, my name is Jess and I'm the coach for Team Pink! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the field today for soccer!  The rules are a bit different this year, but we'll make it fun.  By now everyone should have received the email from CYSA, but I wanted to provide a few reminders:

  • Attendance - Ahead of each game, I will be taking attendance of who is here - this is for contact tracing purposes and required by CYSA - since we're all being asked to come as close to game time as possible to control crowd size, please try to come and check in with me when you get to the field so we can get to the fun part as soon as possible. Today I'm the tall woman in a blue fleece jacket with a black and pink mask :)
  • Masks - required at all times for players and spectators - we'll do our best to remind the kiddos to keep them up but as parents, it would be great if you can please help enforce this with your own child as well
  • Balls (size 3) - every teammate should bring their own ball - this is to ensure we have enough equipment but also to try to keep equipment separate
  • Spectators - CYSA is asking that there's only one parent/caregiver per child - this is to try and limit the group size.


Thanks everyone! Here's to a fun and safe season.  



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Jessica Hesselschwerdt 
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